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Uv Glow in the dark party stretch decor

Uv Glow in the dark party stretch decor

All About our Uv Neon Glow in the dark party stretch decor 

Uv Reactive Glow in the dark party stretch tapestry decoration

Hi All!

As we recently launched our Uv Stretch neon glow party decor range in our new online shop  we thought we should spare a moment to tell you all about it in a blog post.

& If your new here... Welcome to Lay-z-days Events!

Lay-z-days Events owners UV Neon blacklight wall tapestry decoration background cloth


We are known in the UK for our Awesome uv Glow party events. Firstly...have you also seen our uv online decor shop???  it's almost 1 year old! How time flies!

We are making great progress with the uv decor shop good things take time! 

See our uv glow shop HERE Amazing uv party supplies with a difference!

Uv reactive green glow party neon camo netting ceiling decorative hanging

    uv reactive camo netting event decoration

 Before we get into the fine details.....

 Let's discuss how our uv decor come about & how the uv decor can help transform your next   blacklight party?

To start here's a short Video sent in from one of our customers featuring the neon glow uv reactive webbing tapestry From- Luxury outdoor events- Thankyou!

We love to transform empty spaces into glowing mesmerising realms. Guests walk in and their eyes widen! They take out their phone and need to get a snap immediately of what's in front of them!

That's when you know something about the decor is just right! 

When your looking to transform your next event you & me both no your not looking for off the shelf shop cheap tacky uv decor - being blunt here but correct you agree?

I know you're not wanting cheap uv neon party card board shapes, uv neon cheap tapestry backdrops that pose no quality, you're not wanting uv neon hangers that fall apart or are put together with bits of string, you're not wanting plastic see through backdrops which hardly light up under uv.. I just know you agree!

Uv backdrop   Uv rainbow lycra stretch glow oarty ceiling decorative hanging

And do you know?  We didn't want that either ..... so we got our thinking caps on........................................................

creating uvv decor

We shook things up behind the scenes, got stressed out finding suppliers 😅 and created our own uv decor stretch party range.

I mean there's only 2 options

A / it will work or b/ it will fail!  right so what do we have to lose 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷

(This mission isn't complete, we cant wait to show you what else is coming to our shop this year! More will be revealed soon, follow us on fb and TikTok for more content) we have an entire manufacturing team on hand so we are in the process  of creating  you all some custom printed glow stretch tapestry launching in our shop soon.


 First image production trial of uv ink glow colours & quality checks.

This all seeing eye taken 5 attempts to get right! 

Here's the day time normal light image vs below.....

uv stretch psychedelic neon decor

Now lets take a look at the uv tapestry under uv lighting! Crazy isn't it!

uv neon rainbow psychedelic all seeing eye glow in the dark event stretch tapestry decoration

NOW Here's our first prototype uv neon laser cut stretch rainbow webbing

"Its crazy how it looks in normal light on a machine to how it actually looks installed under uv don't you think?"

Here's the daylight photo

Uv neon rainbow stretch event tapestry event decoration

Compared to under uv night time photo!

uv reactive rainbow neon stretch tapestry glow in the dark decoration



Melissa is located in the United states. Here's a photo of her decor.

Can we just mention... what an amazing job she has done installing the stretchy neon uv reactive webbing for her event! she created a giant outdoor open air canopy pretty cool uh!

Uv neon stretchy glow in the dark open air ceiling canopy glow party event

Here's what Melissa had to say:

"We couldn't be happier with our UV reactive stretch decor!! We are an entertainment company that puts on very large events with large spaces to cover. These worked PERFECTLY for our Rave Glow event with over 1,800 in attendance. The shipping was FAST, the quality of the items was EXACTLY as described and they made our event a HUGE success. We will definitely order from them again"

Here's some more reviews, we love to see where the uv decor ends up!





We want our customers to have the best events.

Because where there's passion put into events,  then there also comes memories & magical moments bringing people together from all different backgrounds.


There's a whole world out there of uv events that are simply lacking uniqueness, business searching the web hi & low for uv blacklight decor with a difference, that off the shelf in stores just don't offer!

Above all else, I know that you want your event to be special, you want the amazing wow factor, when a guest walks into the room............... they are in a different world, one you have created & designed that lights up the night with the most epic glow on the market... that's where our uv stretch glow in the dark decor comes into play.

Uv neon stretch event blacklight decoration psychedelic decor   Uv neon green stretchy glowing psychedelic webbing ceiling tapestry decoration

So how can Our Uv reactive glow in the dark Stretch decor transform your next blacklight event ? 


Let's take a look at  the uv Glow yellow stretchy neon webbing tapestry in the above photo. We also offer this in uv pink , uv white (glows a blue hue) uv orange, we offer packs of x2, x3 & x4 

This is made with a 4 way stretch fabric, it is printed in a hi uv reactive glow ink, with a circular pattern laser cut out webbing design. It has been designed in this fashion so that when you decorate your event you can stretch the neon tapestry across ceilings, angle over objects, pull along railings at festivals, tie multiple stretchy Glowing webs together to create giant festival psychedelic psytrance open air canopies that your guests will just love! 

Twist turn and angle the neon stretchy drapes across dj booths. Stages, photo walls, these awesome glowing stretch tapestry can be hung in woodlands tie from tree to tree 🌳  light up your fantasy forest event, empower the minds of your psychedelic psytrance party goers or simply light up your sensory rooms. Switch on the uv lighting and watch the magic happen!


Interlock 2, 3 or 4 stretchy neon glow party tapestry lycra webbing decoration to create some cool uv lycra art effects 🎊🥳👯‍♀️Uv neon 2 pack pink & yellow stretchy webbing glow party decorations

Halloween is another, it's a busy busy event, but are you fed up with the same old? 

   Uv neon halloween glow in the dark spider webbing Uv neon halloween glow in the dark ceiling décor

 Let's take your Halloween event to new heights!

Choose from UV orange neon glow in the dark stretch Psy stretch triangles, stretch these amazing neon party canopies over objects,  room corners, doorways, walkways & more!  Place giant inflatable spiders in between! for ultimate glow webbing effects.

Or hang some cool glowing camo netting draped from ceilings for a complete ceiling decorative effect. These are available in uv blue, uv fluorescent green,  uv fluorescent pink, uv fluorescent orange, These camo nets are super stretchy, gliding across ceilings for optimal Halloween decoration results.

 Here's a photo of our uv stretch webbing product arrival from our manufacturer overseas, this was a huge stepping stone for us as we can now offer YOU.....

Next day delivery in The UK |  Faster express shipping over seas with zero processing times so if your a last minute kinda Gal /Guy we got you covered for your next blacklight glow event!

UV Reactive neon glow in the dark decoration tapestriesFeatured in the photo is part of our 1000 metre order!

Thanks for reading!

We will be adding to this blog but for now ... holla👋 leave us a comment we love to chat!

Much Love

Tracy & Martin x

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