COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy as of 01/05/2020

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we have had to change the way we operate to minimise the risk of spreading the infection and protect our staff and clients. We have successfully completed a courses in "Prevent Covid" & "Infection Prevention and Control" so that we can continue to work as safely as possible for both our clients and staff.

See Our Safety & Training Certificates HERE

See our Coronavirus Risk Assessment HERE

Even though our cleaning standards are already a very high Standard, we now have to perform extra cleaning and sanitising before items can be hired out again. 

We Trained with Bishta (Known for their excellence in the Hot tub industry) We are checking regularly for any updates and following Government guidelines.

Following Bishta guidelines, See Full Covid-19 Information HERE

BISHTA is not aware of any public health evidence that would indicate that spa and hot tub water is unsafe to bathe in, especially when it is properly sanitised and at the correct pH value, according to BISHTA Standards. However, to minimise any possible health risks, bathers are recommended to only share the hot tub with people from their own household (and no one should use the hot tub should do so, if they are feeling unwell. There may be a risk from touching the equipment (e.g. hot tub surround) during this particular time, so we are making sure all surfaces are fully sanitised using a chlorine solution at a minimum of 10mg/l 

1/  Is the coronavirus killed in a properly treated hot tub?

The virus is not actually killed (as it is not a living organism), but BISHTA is aware of information from UK and American colleagues that their respective public health advice is that the Coronavirus would be deactivated in properly sanitised water, at the correct pH value.

2/  What precautions should hot tub users take?

Ensure that the toilet is used and also have a pre bathing shower, to help to remove some of the possible pollutants on your body, allowing the hot tub disinfectant to concentrate on killing the bacteria and deactivating any viruses that may be present.

Using your own personal towels and then having them laundered at 60oC will help to minimise the risk of spreading any virus. When finishing your hot tub immersion, it is important to shower again. It is especially useful to check the sanitiser / pH value before and after bathing.

3/  What do I do about social distancing?

At this time, it would be against the government guidance to share a hot tub with family or friends (unless you already live in the same house together). For the up to date of Government guidance, please CLICK HERE  

4/  Can hot tubs help with stress and relaxation?

Yes! Balancing the risks of potentially exposing yourself to the virus while moving to and from the hot tub, there is a huge benefit of being able to relax in warm water immersion to reduce feelings of stress. There is also the chance to catch up with family members that live in your household that are not part of any of the risk group categories. 

  • Any Hired Items are for your own household use only.
  • We Are Working contact less or within the 2m rule.
  • Payment is required in full after set up, We are still accepting cash however we ask for it to be placed in a plastic sealed bag.
  • We are no longer doing a face to face briefing we are sending customers tutorial videos on the day of hire
  • We must be able to get the items to your garden via. a gate or similar - we cannot bring it through your house.
  • Please make sure all side gates are already opened prior to arrival.
  • You must remain inside your property whilst we set up and pack away or of a distance of at least 2m from our staff when we go through safety checks with you.
  • Please keep children inside whilst we set up/pack away.
  • We will provide you with an extension lead to plug into your house. Please wash your hands after plugging/unplugging although these will be sanitised.
  • As we hot fill the hot tub, We will ask you to attach the hose adapter to your indoor tap yourself, again please wash your hands again just for safety measures.
  • We are putting customers hire agreements in a clipboard in your chemical box, Clipboards are also sanitised prior to each hire.
  • You must cancel your booking if you or anyone in your household becomes unwell with Coronavirus symptoms within the last 14 days, we will happily reschedule with your booking deposit, however booking deposits are non refundable.
  • If someone in your household has had Coronavirus symptoms do not make a booking until at least 14 days after the day the symptoms started
  • If during the hire period, there has been a bodily fluid spillage such as vomit, urine on the Equipment, you must inform us before we arrive to collect it so that staff can wear the correct PPE.
  • We are changing PPE before each customer delivery anyway.

Your booking may not go ahead if-

  • 1). Lay-z-days are unable to fulfill your booking due to staff sickness
  • 2). High wind gust speed above the safe limit we cannot install a gazebo.
  • 3). You cancel the booking because you or someone in your household has Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of the booking date. 

If the Government make changes that mean we are not allowed to operate or customers are not allowed to hire Our service at home for personal use, we will offer an alternative hire date with your booking deposit, however all booking deposits are non refundable.

Cleaning & Disinfection step 2

When we arrive to set up the equipment, we will then carry out the cleaning and sanitising process again, wiping over the hot tub where we may have touched whilst setting up, using a chlorine solution at a minimum of 100 mg/l.

We are fully City & Guilds Level 3 Cleaning trained & Coshh trained, all hot tubs are fully flushed with bio film remover and sanitised prior to every hire.

We take great pride in our hire service, please see our 5 star customer reviews.

Lay-z-days Takes no Liability for any of our clients that do get ill from Coronavirus, every effort has been made on our side to limit the risk.

A safe hire is a happy hire!